Stratos Fear EP

Here’s the full EP from electronic duo Stratos Fear, featuring the music of lyricist and guitarist Daniel Heeney and composer and producer David Urbinati. I mixed the album and also added some additional production. More info here.

Stratos Fear – “Slow Down”

Here’s a track from my most recent mixing project – Stratos Fear – a collaboration between producer David Urbinati and vocalist Daniel Heeney.  Full EP to be released soon.

David Urbinati – “Overtones”

Here’s a track from David Urbinati I mixed and mastered.  I met David though his work tracking Rivers, but David is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/instrumentalist in his own right.  This song is part of a series of singles David is releasing on Bandcamp.  Enjoy!

Xavier Playe – “Name” (Goo Goo Dolls Cover)

Xavier Playe’s cover of “Name” by the Goo Goo Dolls.  Vocals and arrangement by Xavier.  I did the mixing, mastering, and virtual instrument programming.  Enjoy!

Daniel Gregory – “I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day”

Christmas tune from Daniel Gregory (Danny Brunjes) of Rivers. Mixed and Mastered by Stephen C Shapiro.

Idle Spirit – Wolf Demos

I’ve been playing with Justin Swartsel in the studio for a while now. Having previously played/recorded/mixed/mastered with him in Floodwork, we’ve been tinkering in the studio for the past year or so.

This has nothing to do with that. Justin is involved in yet ANOTHER musical project, and he was kind enough to bring the band into my studio to do their first demos. The band is Idle Spirit. Enjoy.